Thursday, April 22, 2010

finished my bio, cleaning it up

I finished the biographical writing I have been talking about since March.

I am editing it now so I should have it ready to share soon.

Meanwhile, I have found and listened to a few more excellent podcasts that directly or indirectly discuss psychological coping with collapse.

Here are two of them:

Terrence McNally podcast:

Interview: RICK HANSON, Ph.D and Author -January 5th, 2010

C-Realm Podcast:

Tools of Connection -March 24th, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

bio not done yet but getting closer

I have been going through a rough time, but I did manage to spend some more time today on the bio I have been talking about.

Maybe it will be done soon, unless the problems I am having persist longer than I hope.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I can't be a guide now (or yet)

As I promised, I got my energy back and want to write here again.

I have thought deeply in March about many new things and did some research.

I decided that although I have ideas and insights that will be valuable to others, my mind is still much more full of new questions than answers and summaries.

So, this blog will be of less help to others for now than I hoped.

It will be more a stream of consciousness than a regular series of conclusions.

I will be helping to sort out the threads, but I am not capable yet of helping to weave a new tapestry.

I'm glad I figured this out, because I have such a strong urge to write but I don't want to overpromise to myself or anyone else.


I started writing my biographical story of my relationship to the environment and collapse, which I will probably add to those on Peak Oil Blues as I previously said I might.

I will give myself as much time as it takes to finish this.


Meanwhile, I continue to be scared and deeply saddened by most events and news items, so the neccessary grief keeps being renewed.

For example, I read another new announcement of a study that found another positive feedback that is indeed happening, this one with temperate soil carbon.

And, the craziness of the denialsphere around me seems to get worse every week.

The Ohio-Indiana-Michigan tristate, where I lived thirty years ago, is the location of the first big story of right-wing crime since the collapse began.

Nine men were apparently involved. The plot to kill was foiled.

I would never have been able to imagine such a thing in the different world that area was in the late seventies compared to now.


It is suddenly so clear that a parallel network of reporting and analyzing is now developing quickly.

This is good because those of us who reject denial and delusion need news and need communities of discussion.

But it is tragic that I and so many millions of others have so quickly and thouroughly given up on what we used to call "main stream", especially because we mean so many things -main-stream media, main-stream politics, and main-stream society.

This fragmentation into "us vs them" is what we always dreaded so much, and hoped so much we could avoid.

I've already referred to many great websites, and will always have hot links to them whenever I mention them, but I'm determined to keep my list of links to the right very short.

But I just added "Radio Ecoshock".

Please listen to this show from March 5th, which I think was excellent.