Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another source of commentary I recommend

As I said, I've become shocked by the escalation of the take-over of American politics by corporations and the wealthy at a time I would have expected at least a pause.

That's why I recommended the lectures of Michael Parenti as background.

Now I am adding another new link to my list, an interview program:

Terrence McNally podcasts

Terrence seems to see things now as I do, especially in regards to our quickeng rush toward even more plutocracy, and this is reflected in his choices of who to interview.

This link will replace The Monthly Review, because I've decided after doing a lot of reading there that Monthly Review is too academic to be as useful as I had thought.

As for Terrence McNally, what makes him better than someone like Diane Rehm in my opinion?

Probably just the fact that he is not on NPR, which I suspect of being somewhat self-censored as I said. There are many good interviews on Diane Rehm. For example, just Tuesday her show interviewed another author outraged at the forces that led to the 2008 collapse. But if Diane Rehm decided to keep this issue on the front burner week after week she would probably be told to stop. Terrence McNally is not restrained in that way.

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