Saturday, February 13, 2010

an extension of my journal

For about three and a half years, I've had an online journal, and it has been a good thing, which I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy posting entries and photos to.

Originally, I expected to comment more about political and spiritual things there than I have.

I've always had multiple things that I wanted that journal to be, and I always sensed that spiritual and political talk beyond what ended up being expressed there would conflict with some of those things.

For example, for some people I just want my journal to be a way they can know I'm still alive and around.

Some rants did enter the pages there, and I don't apologize. Actually, because of the meltdown of the world around me that is ongoing since 2008, and since I was one of those who foresaw this, I am amazed I didn't fill the journal with lots of rants.

Instead, I just had a few, and also wrote two little essays in 2007, that I linked to at the right top of the journal.

The countervailing force to the emotions the meltdown is causing has been the "mindfulness" I've been learning.

If that force loses out to the emotions in the future, this new blog can be the place that happens.

A nice separate blog will be better anyway for many reasons, so my journal can stay the pleasant place that I think it is.

So, welcome to that separate blog.

Let's see if it will last very long, and if so, let's see what it will become.

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