Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Good Place to Start

A good place to start is with the question, "What good is another blog of another man's opinions?".

Well, right now collective consciousness seems to me to be a huge parallel processing effort, and every mind that is part of that processing is valuable.

I know that when I read the blogs of others lately, I am gaining as much insight from the comments at the bottom as from the articles, sometimes even more.

These comments are NOT all repetition and circular thinking.

And, even for those like me, who have been trying to pay attention to reality all our lives, rather than succumb to the national disease of distraction, there is a degree of confusion now.

This is because even we are shocked and surprised at many recent things.

So we have a strong urge to process our new realizations with each other, hoping to get some sense of what is ahead next, and what chances we have if any to affect the future.


I also added three links today, to three people I think are in front of this effort to correctly clarify what life is about now.

James Kunstler changed my life thirteen years ago by saying things about America I too had realized. I remember before I read his book "Geography of Nowhere" I thought I was the only person on earth becoming alarmed about what was happening to the US.

Now he is still saying the same things in the same ways, and many more people see the world the way he does now, but others are still discovering him for the first time every day.

Second, I have added Thom Hartmann, who is quickly gaining radio audience in the US, finally becoming a formidable counter force in some markets to Limbaugh and the other unchallenged right-wing voices.

His shows are not cluttered with the harsh noise and efforts to be funny and entertaining that make all other talk radio intolerable for me.

I didn't completely realize how important he is until 2009.

Finally, there is The Archdruid Report, by James Michael Greer, who's weekly articles I have just become a fan of.

I may expand this list beyond three whenever I think it makes sense.

But every voice that becomes important you will eventually discover anyway, with or without links from me.

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