Sunday, March 14, 2010

just an update (what's on my mind now)

There are many things I think I want to write about, but I had a stressful week (see my journal ), so my thoughts are not organized enough for another article here.

I do want to share what I'm thinking about though.

It seems that right now is one of the times in my life when my views of the world are shifting again.

These mental shifts are just speeded-up periods of a continuous slow process.

Almost everyone living in America right now, especially those my age, have been immersed in a huge illusion, which I've already described as a type of mass insanity.

Broadcast media, with no exceptions, must be completely tuned out for the mirage to begin to fade. (Maybe I will talk later about why this is so important.)

Meditation and simplicity help too.

This fading is like a slow de-programming from many years in a cult. And, it has been described on the Peak Oil Blues website, which I recently recommended, as like the realizations that came to the main characters in the movie, "The Matrix". ( Do You Have a Panglossian Disorder?... )

I just discovered some other people on the internet who are focusing on this phenomenon too, and maybe I will recommend some writing or mp3s from them later.

Speaking of Peak Oil Blues, I think I might start a short autobiography, like the ones that make up most of the content on that website, and send it to Kathy the moderator.

Coincidentally, Richard Heinberg, who I greatly respect, just posted an autobiographical article about how he became the messenger that he now is.

His truth is part of what fills or will fill our minds after all the insanity has left.

I recommend his bio article for many reasons but one is because it's similar to what mine will be like if I write it.

A major thing that is common is one of the publications that triggered our first shifting incidents at the same time - about forty years ago ( Limits To Growth by the Club of Rome ).

Also, the timings of my more recent shifts in awareness are very close to his.

...As I walk, and enjoy these pleasant March days in Ohio, I will probably be expanding on these thoughts.

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  1. I'd be delighted to have it, Mike. Can't wait to read it.