Saturday, March 6, 2010

a lot of new information

Before I describe the latest things I've discovered and learned since the last post, I want to add some more clarity to what I meant.

-I was obviously challenging the idea that God never makes mistakes if he exists or that nature never does.

The only people that go there are humorists as far as I know.

But you have to think about this when you realize that faulty thinking can't heal itself, so if you want to blame somebody or something, you need to blame whatever created the faulty mind.

I have discovered that contemplating this defuses anger, and that's why I talked about it.


Another scary announcement occurred Thursday, March 4th:

Methane Releases From Arctic Shelf May Be Much Larger and Faster Than Anticipated

This is big and probably very bad.

It provides more strong evidence that the positive feedbacks that will cause global warming to accelerate have already started.

Here is an excellent place to read what is being said about this annoncement by experts and others:

Science stunner: Vast East Siberian Arctic Shelf methane stores destabilizing and venting


I am asking myself this question for the first time:

What will persons who are setting up homesteads based on past agricultural knowledge do as the growth zones shift northward every year?

As soon as they get skilled at raising corn or wheat, the zone where it will grow no longer will include their farms.


Finally, I just discovered what appears to be a very good website that is almost four years ahead of me in focusing on psychological coping:

Peak Oil Blues Blog -Exploring Emotional Reactions to Peak Oil, Climate Change & Economic Collapse

There is a lot to read here, and I've just begun.

In 2005, just after Katrina triggered in me the release of many years worth of rage I searched and searched on the internet to see if anyone was blogging about this "Ecopsychology" or Gaiaphobia, and found nothing.

It appears that I was looking just a few months too early.


  1. Good luck with your new blog, Mike.
    Thanks for coming to visit us at Freedom Guerrilla.

    As for God or Nature being perfect...
    The collective entity we know as Life is really just a border. It is the constantly moving border between the random noise of the universe and the random structures built by what was once a randomly occuring stable bit of mass that influenced other mass to come into existence by its very existence. The result is that what appears to be "miraculous" to us is that way because we are in the midst of it. As various niches open up in either side, the other side fills it. A lull in the dangers of the universe allows life to thrive for a time. A loss of a species allows decay and randomness to set in. Life is the anti-entropy, and entropy is the anti-life. We exist at the crux and invent gods and reasons to explain the visions we see outside our glory line.
    There is no intent, just Net Future Usefulness, only fully accounted for by nature long after we are gone, and long after any intent could be possible, thereby negating any omnipotent 'perfect' plan.
    God can't exist because He would have to travel through time to create himself. We know time travel will never exist because some idiot would have brought Jesus to the 21st century to fight the Moors. There are no paradoxes in nature: only our misinterpretation of data and our penchant for asking questions that cannot be answered.

  2. Mike, found your blog over at freedom guerrilla. Keep up the good work! You pose lots of interesting questions and it's good to find a forum for expressing some anxiety over what's coming down the road, and how to best prepare and cope with it.

  3. NPR had two sentences on the increased methane release, and frankly, I lost it. I started shouting at the radio (I was in my car) and promptly called up several friends (who as luck would have it-for them-weren't there) and left angry messages about it on their message machine. How is it that a subject like that gets two sentences, while stupid stories get 10 minutes?