Sunday, May 2, 2010

a black volcano in the sea floor, and, my bio now published

In my last post, on the Fortieth Earth Day, I said I had finished my bio for this website.

It is now published as a SPECIAL PAGE to the right, The Endangered Planet and Me -a short biography.

I have also sent it to Kathy McMahon at Peak Oil Blues, asking if she will kindly add it, edited as she sees fit, to her archive of letters and stories about psychologically dealing with collapse.

I have also added a new permanant link to Peak Oil Blues, starting with that story page.

Be sure to check out the full blog by clicking HOME in the upper left.

I finished my bio on April 19th.

The next day, the Deepwater Horizon platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, just southeast of New Orleans.

For several reasons, I did not realize how serious this was until last week.

Ironically, one of the reasons was because I was busy studying the feasibility of spending every winter once I reach sixty in a solar-powered boat exploring the Gulf Coast.

If you read my online journal, you will learn that since even before Katrina I have been interested in Louisiana, and have been camping there every winter since 2006.

Now, continuing the theme that caused me to start this blog, another major environmental event is weighing heavily on me in a personal way.

But this is as big or bigger than Katrina, and it will probably change history.

I now have figured out that so much of the irony that seems to permeate these events comes directly from the mainstream denial of the context surrounding them until they happen. (What seem like bizarre coincidences are not, but are instead warnings that were there all along but were not noticed and reported until the disaster.)

Just one example in this case is the amazing blog, Sky Truth by John Amos.

Last August through November, Sky Truth was reporting about a similar rig explosion off the coast of Australia, which now seems minor compared to the nightmare now happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

And it was also reporting about a minor spill in Louisiana in early April, and just a few days before the Deepwater Horizon fire, it was talking about the folly and danger of plans to expand offshore drilling to the rest of the Gulf and to the East Coast.

People like me who follow such blogs regularly know these are not coincidences.

Warnings only seem like coincidences to people who ignore them until they come true.

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