Saturday, May 22, 2010

checking in again during busy outdoor time

As I said, I will "check in" here when I am too wrapped up in outdoor pursuits to write about what's been on my mind.

Since the last post, Kathy McMahon added my bio to her blog and I thanked her for that.

Meanwhile, the big story for me and everyone else has been the continuing flow of oil from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, and now it's arrival onto the marshes and beaches below where I camp in the wintertime, and where I was planning to go every winter for the rest of my life.

Will everything be dead down there from now on, in terms of both nature and also people in boats and shoreline activities?

This thought keeps going through my mind.

Being out enjoying Spring in Ohio is helpful because it keeps me from obsessing about this now, when it is too early to know.

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